DLA question please

Hi all I’m just simply asking does anybody know how long it takes for an appeal to go through.from beginning to end. My teenage son’s dla was refused, I asked for a reconsideration which was again declined. He has autism and is educated at home as he cannot attend school. I used his money to pay for a teacher to come in to help with my weakest subject MATHS! I will have to stop this if we lose. We are finding things really tight as I can’t work because I care for my son. (which is just as well because I’m not upto work myself anyway) just wondering what your experiences are as I know some of you have had to go through this experience yourselves. Thank you in advance Jo x

I think it very much depends on where you are Jo, and how much of a backlog there is. If you could give us an area, then maybe people could give you a better answer. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Mags xx

PM me if you want any advice about useful maths websites if this doesn’t work out the way it should. I teach KS2 and there’s loads of stuff on the internet that would be useful for you. I do hope you get your appeal though. xx

Just a thought. If your son can’t go to mainstream school because of his needs aren’t the local authority still responsible for ensuring his education? The funding for a place in a special school could surely be used for his maths tutor instead? xx

Thank you for your replies, we live in Denbighshire North Wales . I had a huge battle trying to keep him in the system. He was statemented so he could attend a special needs school for autism. The unpredictableness of the other students terrified him and it became impossible to continue. The authority would not provide anything else because he had been offered a placement . They recommended strongly I de- register him from school and teach him myself as the only solution. 12 months later they visited at home, remarked how wonderfully well he was doing and rewarding him by removing the statement which in effect released them from any responsibility! Still all that aside he is doing so well he is making progress and I love him to bits. Thanks annelda for that, he is doing gcse work, way over my head these days.