DLA claim and meds question

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Just a quick question.
I amgoing to apply for DLA, but I do not take any meds for my MS as I have a phobia of taking anything stronger than Paracetamol or Ibupofen.
Will I be penalised for this.
Thanks in advance x

Hi Amanda

I have put a claim in for dla and I currently have ibuprofen and co-dydromal, nowt to what some of our friends take.
DLA is based on you ability/disability and what you can/cannot do. I presume you are DX. Do you have holistic treatment. Are you waiting for neuro report.
The more evidence you can gather the better. There is a section for your GP to complete, I assume if he knows your phobia he will comment here.
Keep a diary. Note incidents, cause/effect, who helped you. Describe in detail.
The welfare officer at the job centre or local authority or social services should help you complete or you could try DIAL.
Hope it goes ok.

Mike x

Sorry Amanda
Missed the it you HaveMS. A copy of neuro reporta letter from ms nurse/physio


Cheers Mike for that…makes me feel better knowing it is not necessary x

Hi Amanda,

I wouldn't call it being penalised, but it's just that you might score more points if you were on a lot of meds, and needed someone to remind you or supervise you, to ensure you took them.

If you're perfectly capable of managing your medication yourself, without any intervention or prompting, I don't think it makes a blind bit of difference if you take a lot or a little - or even none at all.

It's not about what you take, but whether you need help to take it properly.


Hi Amanda

It is not a requirement to be on any medications to apply for DLA and this will not impact on your claim.  Apart from vitimins and HBOT I am not on any medications and I receive DLA.  I have mobility problems and some care issues which are counted in the assessment. If you are worried about your application I wouls suggest using DIAL who will help you complete the form and give a clear picture of how MS affects you so you get the correct level of DLA awarded to you based on your needs.

I hope this helps.

;-) Mary

Thankyou Tina and Mary so very much. Makes perfect sense. I worry because I applied last year and got turned down ( yet I still got a Blue Badge which was wierd lol) i have just signed up the the Work and Benefits Website so I will follow their advice ;)) x