dla appeal :-(

Ive just got home from the most horrible DLA hearing :frowning: There was a doctor, solicitor and a carer, the carer and the solicitor were nice enough and I managed to get my point across to them but the doctor was really angry and cut me off mid sentence and wouldn’ t let me answer her points as she brought them up and all she focused on was the misdiagnosies and a very rubbish report written well over a year ago by a rheumatologist that I had made a complaint about ! She wasn’t at all interested that I now had a diagnosis that explained everything or that I had complained that the rheumatologist hadn’t listened to a word I said . I ended up a blubbing mess as I had to fight my doctor to get further investigation after that awful rheummy and I was fighting against it all over again ! Im totally emotionally exhausted and will never put myself through that again. Im just glad it was me that had to appeal and not someone like my elderly grandmother as she would of faired alot worse ! Feeling chastised and demeaned Krissy xx

Hi Krissy,

I’m so sorry that you had such a horrible time.

It’s a disgrace that people have to jump through such hoops. I appreciate that some people may be swinging the lead but as a professional you should treat everyone with dignity and respect even if you suspect their claim is bogus. As a tribunal member you have the ultimate ability to disallow a claim if you don’t think it’s valid there’s no reason to rub the puppy’s nose in it as well.

I don’t for a second mean to imply that your claim is invalid just that the dr has the ability to sanction – there’s no need to be rude and patronizing as well.


Hello Krissy Typical!! Out of the three of them, it had to be the doctor that was a complete ass. That says more about her as a person…shame on her. I call it bullying, pure and simple. Take care Krissy ((((((Hugs)))))) Noreen xxx

Oh Krissy.

That sounds absolutely awful. You poor thing. I bet you feel shattered.

Like Noreen says it is definitely bullying and she should be told about how she made you feel.


Shazzie xx