dla and vertigo!!

hello everyone,

just a catch up,i have applied for dla,i am still waiting for a decesion,i last heard about three weeks ago,i started filling in my application last week of june,feel very nervy with he wait,they were last letter getting in touch with one of my consultants.

how are getting on with yours any buddy if you have applied! would they have said no earlier r is the wait the same?

vetigo and painful ears,i have been refered to anotherof our gps for what they call epley mnauver,he says i have no ear infection,but he did a test where he layed me down quicly and then the vertigo came,and he tested my eyes before and after,has anyone suffered this.

i am writting back to my neuro ,but feeling unwell with a week of earache,seeing other gp tomorow,feel lousy,will let neuaro this,i havn’t suffered this before,like spinning sensation,when i saw my gp,he says i can’t drive.

love boz xxx

Hiya, i’ve just applied for dla myself last week, not hopeful that I will get anywhere to be honest.

I’ve been suffering with dizziness since January (this isn’t the first time) this was the start of all my symptoms this time, one gp had said about doing the eply manouevre but never actually did, I had balance tests at the hospital a few weeks ago, they put these funny goggles on you and there is a camera looking at one of your eyes the whole time, I had to watch various images on the screen and they didn’t show anything significant but then next part of the test where they covered my other eye then put hot water in my ears one at a time & it does make you really dizzy, you have to keep your eyes open the whole time even though its covered as the camera is recording your eyes response, that has shown that my right ear balance mechanism is working at 37% less than my right & the neuro said its Meniere’s disease, ENT is to confirm this when I next see them though. I’ve got to have a course of physio from what i’ve been told but other than that not sure what else they will do ?

I’ve tried various meds for vertigo but nothing as yet has actually worked.

Hope you get anwsers with your vertigo real soon & good luck with DWP

Hi boz,

I applied, they sent me a letter stating that they had received my application form on the 25th July. I then had another letter saying that they were going to write to my GP…that was a few weeks ago. I am now waiting to see what I hear next!

Good luck with your application.