Dizzy, painful and wiped out!

I have been feeling really rather strange over the past few days. My legs are like jelly with a real dull ache in them. They feel like when your legs are coming back to life after you have pins and needles and you are trying to get them working again, that pain you get! Does that make sense to anyone? Is this just a ongoing problem or a relapse. I feel exhausted and dizzy and generally unwell. Probably making me a little sick also. Haven’t felt this bad before so a bit worried all is going wrong, any ideas? Also has anyone tried a TENS machine for pain?
M x

Hi Moss

Sorry to hear you are feeling rough at the moment and I can relate to everything you say as I have had a number of periods of the same symptoms lasting from a couple of days to a few weeks.  The last time it went on for longer than 2 weeks I saw the MS nurse and she suggested a course of steriods, it did get better after about 10days which may, or may not be as a result of the steriods.  If you are concerned ask to see your nurse, it may help just to talk about things.  Hopefully you will begin to feel better soon.


Hi Moss,

You poor thing, you really need to speak to your ms nurse for her advice. Many, many years ago I used a tens machine on my back and to me it didn't help one little bit. Having said that we all react differently to things, so give it a try if you think it may help, it's worth a go. As far as saying is it an on going thing or a relapse, only you can answer that, to answer that have you been suffering in other ways before this started or has this just started? You really need to speak to your ms nurse.

Hope it eases off for you very quickly, and good luck with your nurse.


Hi Moss,

Sounds like a relapse to me. I had one just like it. If I were you I would try and get some advice. The symptoms will probably go away over time; mine certainly did, although when I am tired I do get a milder version from time to time.  It is still frightening when it's happening though. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon.