Dizziness etc

I have posted a couple of times regarding symptoms and approaching doctor as I feel my symptoms may be Ms rather than the fibro I have been diagnosed with. I have currently been unable to get a telephone appointment with my doctor but am really struggling. Apart from the usual pain, skin crawling and being black and blue from tripping I started getting a vibrating in groin area into privates (sorry!) like I had a mobile vibrating in my pocket. This was every few seconds for about 3 days. Now I am numb down there and starting to get pelvic pain and think I am retaining as slow to wee and need to go more often but less. No pain or burning I like an infection. The other thing in the last few days is extreme dizziness really making me feel ill and out of the blue lasts for about an hour a couple of times a day. I get an odd sensation when this happens hard to explain but almost as if my bed at the back is fuzzy almost ‘not there’. I end up in tears and so tired. I guess I am just venting and seeing if anyone recognises the symptoms. I feel I need to see a doctor but just getting nowhere trying to speak to one at my surgery. So sorry for such a low post but really on the edge with how poorly I am feeling which isn’t like me after so many years dealing with fibro. Pix x

Hi Pixie,

From the symptoms you have described I do not think anyone would argue you could legitimately describe that as an emergency, so A&E would be an option? If there’s one message regarding A&E that has been pushed recently, it’s not to ignore things that require immediate attention. Similarly, your GP will likely want to refer you to the hospital for tests anyway so you may not avoid a hospital visit by speaking with your GP.

Personally I did experience nausea and a sensation that I imagine is similar to vertigo in that I constantly felt that I would be more comfortable if I rolled over, but there was no position where I stopped feeling that way, so I had to give up trying. Saying that, this is the brain that’s affected so there is likely no limit on the numbers of symptoms people experience.

All the best,