Dizziness and feeling faint

Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone else gets dizziness and just a sort of spaced out feeling. I do at the moment have a cold but have also had a headache constantly for about a week. I feel really dizzy although the room is not spinning so not what I would call vertigo. The Dr. said it just sounds like a chronic headache and gave me amitriptyline. I just read this can make you feel dizzy though!! Anybody else taken it and what for? Thanks. Sarah x

Hi I’ve taken it for nerve pain and uncomfortable crawly feelings. I’ve got the dizziness too and was prescribed betahistine but that didn’t help so they’re trying me on stemetil. Will let you know how I get on!

Hi, I take ampitriyline 20mg and baclofen at night which helps me sleep they are both muscle relaxants and I couldn’t get through a night without them!! Not had the feelings your experiencing but it could be due to you feeling unwell :frowning:

Hi Sarah Dizziness & feeling spaced out were amongst my symptoms when I had my 2nd relapse, which I’m still gradually coming out of. It felt like I was drunk (with none of the benefits of having a good time first!) and I just felt like I wasn’t really with it. It has got better but I still get the feeling when I’m tired & feeling a bit ms-y. I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over - it was more feeling like I was spaced out. Not sure if that helps!? Jane xx