The last couple of weeks i have been getting dizzeness, usually when i move. Sometimes when i am in bed, it is like the blood is rushing to your head. I have had blood pressure done, and it is okay. I have RRMS, does anybody get this ? Could it be a relapse?

Any help appreciated.
Thankyou in advance.

It seems that this is a fairly common symptom.
Dizziness (vertigo) | MS Trust

Yes, if I have an episode it always happens. Usually after a couple of days it goes away as fast as it arrives.

For me usually means a course of steroids. I guess a trip to the doctors is needed

I had vertigo which came and went over a few weeks, but it went on its own

I have positional vertigo i.e. if I’m lying flat on my back with nothing to support my head I feel as if the room is spinning, it’s a horrible feeling. I sometimes experience feeling dizzy if I tilt my head too. I hope you get an answer re. relapse.