Distressing dream pain

This is a bit of a wierd one, any help welcomed though.

Last night and several times over the last few weeks, when i have been sleeping/dreaming, i have dreamt i am being hurt on my head/neck in the dream. The actual/dream like pain jolts me awake, only to find my head has gone numb, like i have been upside down. A few times i’ve woken up to neck cramps as well.

I sit up and it’s like the blood comes rushing back and then the feeling returns. and all pain subsides. I have tried playing about with sleeping position and amount of pillows etc, but it’s still happening. Anyone else ever had something similar, or have any idea what i’m talking about? It’s quite distressing, afraid to mention it to the GP/nurse incase i get committed!


No, not had that. But I doubtyour nurse or gp will have you sectioned.

As it is worrying you, do ask them for advice…if they can offer any.


Thanks both. It is really odd, trying not to stress about it too much just wondered if I am as crazy as I feel! Will mention it to my nurse next time I see her. I bought a new pillow a few months back, so don’t think that’s the cause. Just another quirk to addy other list! L x

i dream that my hand is trapped in something, it can be a vice or almost anything but I wake up and my hand is numb. There was a thread on here recently about numb hands. I get a numb hand no matter what side I lie on, and it can be either hand. Its horrible, annoying and makes me very tired as it can happen 2-3 times a night. So sorry as it must be worse if it’s your head…it really is poopers sometimes isn’t it? Gill x

Hi Gill, dreaming of being trapped in a vice sounds awful, poor you. I get the numbness in arms and legs as well, but have learnt to cope with it. The head thing didn’t happen last night, let’s hope it doesn’t again! Your right it is poopers! X

Hi Leora

Since reading George Jelinek’s book ‘Taking control of MS’ once more, (I read it 5 years ago) I did notice that as well as the diet he advocates meditation and also adds ‘take note of your dreams’. Since then instead of dismissing my dreams I do try and remember (not always easy), if there’s a message my subconscience is trying to tell me. There often is.

Wendy xx