Disney, changing the rules for disabled 'guests'

So you can not now go to the front of queues, what do you think?

Hello, perhaps too many people were taking an unfair advantage? Or more likely they want to maximise profits by decreasing the staff on the ground and making it more difficult to oversee prioitizing disabled customers. Either way it’s a scummy thing to do and shows some true colours! All the best Steve.

I suppose I can see a point here. Not trying to be controversial, but why should people with disabilities skip queues while others wait? Fair and equal access is one thing but better service than everyone else is unfair. Obviously exceptional cases will always come up (eg non wheelchair user but unable to stand for long periods), but they can’t predict every possibility. Just my opinion though x

Looked up what is actually happening and Disney are allowing disabled people to “book” their place at a ride instead of just being able to skip the queue. So they are still accomodating disabled people.

Also, the reason they did this was because some disabled people were offering themselves for “hire”. As in, they would go along with a family and pretend to be a family member so that they could skip the queue. The family would pay the disabled person for this “service”.

Equal opportunities has to work both ways. If you don’t want special treatment, that should apply across the board. That’s my logic anyway.

Personally I think it is fair I knew someone who had a sprained ankle so was in a wheelchair and went to the front of every queue and there was no reason she couldn’t queue whilst still in chair.