Discrimination at work - consequences for employeers

My dad showed me an article today about a golf club which could lose thousands of pounds after a barmaid won a tribunal for constructive dismissal when the golf club failed to take her chronic condition into account. Apologies if this thread appears twice but I tried to include the link and then my post disappeared.

Google edp24, then on their website search for Gorleston Golf Club constructive dismissal, it will be the first item.

As the line manager failed to make reasonable adjustments, the barmaid’s life was put at risk as she is diabetic. I’m really pleased she chose to fight after leaving and has helped to raise awareness of this. Employers beware!!

Tracey x

This is a schedule of loss that anyone should claim if they have been found to be ‘Unfairly Dismissed’.

Wow, you can find anything on YouTube. And I thought it was just videos of animals doing funny things! That’s useful information.

I believe the parties are back before the tribunal in early July to find out what the settlement will be.

My dad found this case interesting for different reasons. He has recently retired after being course manager on a private golf course for 35 years. He says when he was first employed most private courses used to get away with all sorts of inequalities in the work place but of course they can’t get away with that any more.

Tracey x