Discovery 2

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Thanks for this Jimmy,

How typical that a drug company who discovered this - then decided not to take it any further. This is probably because it will not make them billions.

Do hope everyone reads it.

Spacejacket,it is exciting news,lets hope someone gets more research and puts it into production quickly.So true that if its not going to make billions then it will stall.Cambridge university also found a drug that will stall alzheimers/dementia yesterday.Great news on the research front.

I’ve read this, very interesting, do think Spacejacket might be right about the drug company tho, shame.

very intersting news, just a shame it might be 15 years before we can get it,

i think the one for alzheimers you mentioned is this one also,(forgive me if i am wrong)

i am 57 so it will be too late for the likes of us oldies,but i do think there might well be a cure in the next 15 yrs or so,this and the HSCT look promising.

J x

Mrs j,its promising news alright and if the trials are successful it could be out sooner as pfizer had already done trials but were missing just 1 thing that they found yesterday.Lets hope its true,you might get to try it yet but for now we will just have to live on.HSCT looks good too,from what ive read it is working well.