maybe a tad dramatic but disaster struck yesterday.

found the perfect disabled parking bay on asda car park.

and… my blue badge wasn’t there!

i’d used it earlier so it definitely wasn’t at home.

searched the car as well as i could manage (oh to be supple enough to get under the seat).

i’ll phone the council later.

ah the joys of being a loser of things

carole x

Oooh terrible. Hopefully it’ll appear in the wrong place. Maybe it’s moved into your sock drawer.

I do hope it turns up soon. Life with no badge is too hard.


For future reference Carole…

I always have a photo copy of mine. It’s handy to have. Don’t know about UK but in Ireland it has to be sent back for renewal. This could take up to 10 days so I just pop the copy in screen and scribble “Renewal in Post”. You could use it as “awaiting replacement” maybe? :slight_smile:

Ooooh. Political commentators now!

are we talking american politics?

when i was a kid, a trump meant a fart.

president fart!

Now I’m grown up a Trump = a fart. I think that’s a fairly common feeling.

But like the same bad smell, he won’t be around for long.

A Donald in cockney rhyming slang is even more appropriate.

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From now on Trumpton will be the world’s most powerful nation, which scares the hell out of me.

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…foreign as I am, I never really understood ‘rhyming slang’… sorry! (might be the MS…). My (do I say british or english?..does not matter anyway!..) wife tells me that Sarah Cox, in the past, mentioned on the radio that he was promoting himself by putting a banner behind his plane with ‘TRUMP’ on it… she appropriately told her audience that some americain ‘full of himself’ guy was flying around calling himself a fart…

Now we don’t only have to get rid of Kim Yong Un (or whatever his parents put on the birth -he was born and not developed was he?- certificate…) but also this mixture of Scottish and German blood…

Do not get me wrong!.. if he can turn things around in a positive way, fantastic!, but his ‘Hitlertarian’ approach of issues do worry me… Adversity reveals genious, prosperity conceals it.… my wife tells me…

Bless you America, bless Britain, bless Holland, bless etc etc…!

All the best ‘world’, especially us ‘unvolunteerily weaker ones’… (due to illness, lack of money and lack of arrogance…)

I have spoken…

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Ah yes. Britain and America - two nations separated by a common language!

Being a shallow person I was amused to read on another (non MS) forum a post from a nurse who said that she couldn’t keep a straight face whenever she heard the name of the new First Lady because she always hears Melania as MELENA *

  • MELENA - black tarry stools caused by bleeding in the gut. Something you certainly don’t want to have accompanying a trump!

Is he going to build a wall around Camberwick Green though?

(One for the teenagers there wink)

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The democratic process in the USA saw Trump elected as President.

Good luck to the guy!

I wonder why some women assume they speak for all women when they criticise Trump.

I’ve never heard a man say ‘speaking as a man…’ before making a statement yet invariably when a woman makes a political statement she starts off with ‘speaking as woman…’ and then goes on to say something which implies she is representing all women.

And whilst I’m having a misogynistic whinge - why do some women credit some other women as being ‘strong’ - the implication is there must be some ‘weak’ women somewhere…


Well said re. women speaking for all women, drives me mad! have to reassure hubby sometimes that whoever it is, is definitely not speaking for me. and you’re right you don’t hear men saying they are ‘strong’,they are not ‘fiesty’ either.

Poppy, would you mind giving me a prediction of Saturday’s lottery numbers please… (by private email svp…)

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I did not realise that we could demean a fart…

"demean1 dɪˈmiːn/


verb: demean; 3rd person present: demeans; past tense: demeaned;

cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for (someone or something). "

Can’t demean Trump - he has no dignity

" ˈdɪɡnɪti/


noun: dignity

the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. "

Mick (I think I just swallowed a Google dictionary)

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So Trump “pressed the right buttons”.
He aimed his campaign at the blue-collar vote, in the states that counted in the electoral college. He ignored the rest.

But in Britain?
Corbyn aims his pitch at the fanatic Socialists.
May aims her pitch at the blue-collar vote who do not consider themselves to be Socialist.
Farron aims his pitch at all those who want to stay in the EU.

And so it goes on … In the US, in Britain, in France, in Greece, in Turkey, etc.
What you can be certain of is that whoever wins (in whatever country) will find a convincing reason to renege on their promises.
Q. How do you know when a politician is lying?
A. Their mouths move.



so cynical for one so young…

you are I am sure, wise enough to recognise irony.

I too have been round the block enough to remember that none of them have delivered much beyond campaign rhetoric.

Sadly I don’t trust any of them.

All the best Mick

Oh, more election palaver… I’m sick of the sight of T.May already. I’m with Mick in that I don’t trust any of 'em as far as I could (ahem) spit. J.Corbyn seems like a decent sort of guy with politics I agree with, but his leadership skills are sadly lacking, and in all fairness he should accept that, stand down as leader, and give someone else a chance who might make a better fist of it. And in our rural and strongly Tory constituency, I don’t think anyone is standing who will make the slightest dent in the Tory majority. I’ll still go and vote - I always do (the school used for a voting station being right opposite the local pub has nothing to do with it, honest!) but I’m not expecting it to make any difference to the result! I just hope the NHS survives…we need it!

My husband is really pleased I joined this group. I haven’t laughed so much in months :slight_smile:

Time for a Vegemite sandwich :slight_smile: