travelled today for an hour in traffic for long awaited m r i scan. The venue was a mobile unit situated in the hostpital car park. MY mobility was poor and I was suffering a lot of pain. THe first part of test was okay and the radioligist proceeded to insert needle for the process of the infusion of dye. He was unsuccessful after three attempts of trying to insert needle and called for a nurse from the hospital. He was informed he could not have one and explained to me that he would try again but would have to request a needle from hospital. I was then informed that this request was also denied and my scan would have to be rescheduled. He apologised and stated that they were a private company. Can anyone suggest what I should do. should I complain .

Assuming that your scan was arranged by the hospital, then complain to the hospital PALS. The mobile unit was almost certainly a private contractor, and the contract would be between them and the hospital.

It is possible (just) that the radiologist was not even qualified to stick that needle in (not all nurses are) and it does sound like there was some friction between the contractor and the hospital staff.


The scan was arranged by the neurologist. THe radioligist did not appear confident at all during this procedure. Thank you for your comment Geoff. Think I will take your advice.