Disabled Parking Bays Misuse

At the weekend, my husband needed a new bulb for his headlight so he went to a well know company that sells car parts and also fits them. He parked at the retail park, in a normal parking space, went into the shop, bought the bulb, asked if they could fit it. The salesman said that was no problem, if he parked in one of the disabled spaces in front of the shop they would fit the bulb. My husband did this and the bulb was fitted. Now, I know there are several disabled spaces outside that shop, and several other disabled spaces at various other locations in the retail park, but couldn’t the shop find a better solution than to use the disabled parking spaces to fit car parts? Cheryl:-)

So did you or hubby complain, Cheryl? :wink:

I know that might have been a bit counterproductive, if he wanted the bulb fitted, but if nobody says anything, they’re not going to know.

Using a disabled bay as a fitting area isn’t right. OK, I don’t drive, so it wouldn’t have arisen. But trying to put myself in that position, I might have answered: “Oh, um…OK, so what happens if a disabled person needs to use it?” The shop should have its own area for doing the work - as that’s an integral part of what they do, not something that would only happen once in a blue moon.

You (or hubby) could still contact them expressing concern about the recent incident. I know they would probably say they thought it was better customer service than making him book a slot for a proper fitting bay, for a minor job. And also that unless 20 disabled people suddenly turned up, it was very unlikely to result in a parking-space crisis. All of which is true. Still doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do though.



Hi Cheryl,

In my personal opinion, the store shouldn’t be using disabled spaces as fitting bays

However, I was under the impression the store itself provides disabled parking by its own choice - there is no obligation to do so forced on them. Of course, if I’ve misunderstood, I’d be more than happy to be corrected.

Therefore, I’d assume the store has some say over how the spaces are used. I suppose they could simply remove the marking identifying disabled spaces if they really wanted ?

Perhaps it’s a condition of having a premises in the retail park that a certain number of disabled parking bays are provided ?!!

At least for the time being, I think the store is mis-using diabled bays.

(Still, …what do I know …I’m a cuckoo clock !!! )


Tina and Liam I didn’t complain cos I wasn’t with hubby, hubby didn’t complain, I suppose, because he was happy to get the bulb fitted. There are several disabled spaces and I suppose it is unlikely that all of them would ever be in use, even so , it isn’t really right to use the disabled bays for car parts fitting. I’m not sure if they need to have disabled spaces or not tbh but all the other shops in the retail park also have several disabled spaces so perhaps it is a requirement to have some. I suppose, they should maybe just remove a couple of disabled spaces and re assign them as “car fitting spaces” Btw, last summer we were at the same store to buy a new bike for my daughter. I was with husband and daughter and I was in the wheelchair. The bikes were upstairs and the lift wasn’t working. When husband and daughter went up the stairs to look at the bikes I told the salesman that it wsn very satisfactory not havin the lift working. He agreed because it made it awkward for them to take stock up and downstairs! Probably should have gone elsewhere to buy the bike tbh but daughter had seen the one she wanted on the website and what do you do when an 8 year old has her eye on a new bike! On a positive note, they did put the bike together and told us to take it back for a check up after a months use which we did and my daughter was happy with her bike! Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Think the shop should rename one of the disabled bays as a Parts Fitting Bay.

Keep everyone happy.

Jen x