Disability facilities Grant

I had a DFG about 4 years ago and had a Wet room floor and adaptions to my bathroom, However in the last year the floor has cracked and water now escapes into my kitchen , also the toilet leaks.

I have contacted my local authority (London) who carried out work and they claim that it is my responsibility to make the repairs, I find this extremely stressful as i am sure if I had done this work privately I would have had some form of guarantee, I was told that if I moved within 10 years of works I would have to pay back some of the cost , so why is it that the work is all of a sudden my responsibility within this time frame.

Has anyone had similar problems or can offer some friendly advice ?

I recently had my bathroom converted into a wet room curtisy of the council, although we did have to pay some money towards it. Like you they said you’re not thinking of moving, to which I replied only if one of us dies then yes we would move. They never said they would repair anything if it went wrong and to be honest we would not expect them to pay for any repairs after all they paid for it to be done as we needed it. If it was me I would get a few quotes in and expect to pay for it myself. Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. I wish you luck.