different and changes

Since Easter when my last episode as i call them started which has been the worse ever im still feeling it and now my right side is painful and tingling usually i get a break im confused now .im waiting for my first neuro appointment .i am also getting scared that im not going to explain properly whats going on is it possible for you to have a family member to be with you at the neuro appointment .

Hi Sparky,

IF it’s MS (and that’s still a big “if” for you at the moment), most relapses - or episodes, as you call them, last at least five or six weeks, and sometimes much longer (months). Easter was only three weeks ago, so it’s a bit soon to expect to be over it quite yet.

If your previous episodes have been much shorter, you may just have been lucky 'til now, or it could be a hint it’s not MS.

Yes, of course you can take a friend or relative to the appointment with you - but it’s polite to ask, not just walk in together - not least because the consultant needs to hear from you that it’s your choice. For all he knows, you might have a very nosy or controlling relative, so he needs to be clear they’re there at your invitation, not just butting in.

You may want to make a bullet-point list to jog your memory about what you wanted to talk about, but if you decide to do that, don’t make the mistake of just handing it over, and expecting him to sit and read it. He may just file it for later (which could mean never!), so you never get to discuss what was on it. Just use any list as a reminder to yourself. The appointment is supposed to be a two-way thing, not just to hand over a list, and say: “There!”



Thankyou tina for your reply and advice you have reassured me thanx for that and of course it may not be ms i always feel a bit of a fraud because I’ve not been diagnosed with anything I thank you all for listening to me and all your kind advice. All the best Lynda