Differences in WAV converters

We’re thinking that we will probably get a WAV when we replace our Motability car in the summer. We’re just starting to look into it all and haven’t made any calls to converters yet.

However, looking through the Motability site we have noticed differing prices for the same model. For example a particular model of Berlingo is offered from £1995 -£3174. Even the same converter has 2 different prices.

Any ideas why? Is it to do with different features of the conversion?



Engine different? petrol cheaper than diesel(i think) when buying cars new

Nope, exactly the same model!

We’re assuming it’s the quality of the conversion. We haven’t got a clue what the difference is between the ones at the same converters.

We’ll have to give the converters a call. I just thought there may have been others that might have been through the process already who could share their experience.