Did GA make my face droop?

I previously had left facial drooping/ swelling with visual disturbance, it had resolved a while ago. I had a general anaesthetic on Friday for a tonsil biopsy and the facial symptoms returned the day after. so I now have left swelling and drooping and it is extremely painful but numb at the same time. Also having trouble seeing properly.

Is it the GA? Or coincidence? Not even sure who to speak to or ask? :frowning:

Your GP is supposed to be your healthcare nexus. If I were you I’d be on the phone to the surgery first thing tomorrow. Alternatively, you can dial 111 and they will assess you and let you know who you need to see. Facial droop and vision problems ought to be seen promptly - I know, I have these myself but not because of general anaesthetic. Best wishes x

Thanks for the reply. Yes gp is port of call 1st thing tomorrow morning but just wondering whether anyone else had experienced this type of thing after GA. My previous episodes of this was not due to GA so am a little baffled to be honest. Just got over my previous episode from January which was optic neuropathy. But generally feeling so unwell after this GA not sure why. Thanks

You could also contact the department where you had the treatment. They will be able to advise you. Good luck x