Dickson's help

Can anyone please give ne the telephone number of Dickson’s chemist store, the number on the web site is

wrong, its a private number.


Lynne x

0141 613 1238

0141 404 6545 This is correct because I’ve literally just spoken to them regarding my own prescription. Sx

Hi, I know when I was using them, there were several shops with different numbers and it wasn`t clear who was who!

Hope you`ve got through okay.

luv Pollx

thank you,I have finally spoken to them, and my LDN is on its way to me. My LDN journey will start soon

Thanks again

Lynne x

Good luck with it. You may not see any benefits straight away, but many folk here take it just hoping it will slow down progression.

luv Pollx

Just looked on my ldn pot and the number there is 0141 647 8032 - they must be very busy with all these contact numbers.

LDN - was the best thing l ever did for my SPMS.