Well the wait is over.I saw the Neurologist last week and I have been diagnosed with S.P.M.S.

Now the wondering is over. I am glad that I didn’t know that I had RRMS and was told it was “just pain” cos I pushed myself way beyond what I would have done if I had known.

Honest truth ,my stomach has taken a bit of a hit,and I feel a bit yucky,but the fight is back on.I have certain things that I was unable to do before and not know why .They have a big black cross against them in my mind,and now I need to, with help from a friend,go and do it again and replace it with a big red tick! And I will.

I am taking this as a fresh start and I am going to kick this *&**%&& thing into touch.

Keep well and happy xxxxxxx

Linda X

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hi linda

well, you have had the questions answered and although you have been told that you have ms, in some ways it will be a relief.

so you’re a warrior!!

give it a good kicking

carole x

Commisulations, Linda. Here’s to another brave peaceful warrior :heart:

I love your attitude, may your red pen need it’s ink replacing time and time again.

Jan x

It’s always good to know what’s in front of you Linda.

Good luck to you! may the force be with you

Noreen x

I’m so glad you finally have diagnosis, even though it’s not the best thing to hear, it’s always good to know what you’re dealing with I think. I got a diagnosis of MS last month, but I’m still waiting to hear what ‘type’ I have, which if will be honest with you I’m bricking it . So, I may be on here myself in next few months either saying the same or whathaveyou.

be easy on yourself, you’ve had a bit of a shock( it always is, even if you know what you’re dealing with), treat yourself to either a huge cake or chocolate and munch away knowing you deserve it :slight_smile: all the best hunni and hugs to you xxxx