hello :slight_smile:

i know there are different types of ms, but can anybody tell me how they are diagnosed/when doctors can tell please? may sound like a silly question, but basically i know nothing!

thanks x

Hi Vicky,

You would need to be referred to a neurologist, who will take down your medical history, perform a few physical tests and then refer you for bloods, MRIs and possibly a lumbar puncture if then think it necessary. These are done to rule out/in any other cause of symptoms.

They will then use the McDonald criteria and their experience to diagnose you.

thanks. i have had the mri on my brain - got a spinal one tomorrow. was diagnosed with ms by neurologist in january who said i didn’t need a lumbar puncture as the results were very conclusive and my family history (dad, 2 aunts and a great aunt with ms) backed it all up too. i was just wondering how they tell what type you’ve got or if it is something that comes to light over time…am very much in the dark over all this. was hoping the ms nurse would be able to help me on this but was referred to one 8 weeks ago and still heard nothing.

vicky x

If you have relapses and the neuro is happy to diagnose you then I would presume it’s relapsing remitting? I would chase up the MS nurse up though. They do seem to be very busy, so it is worth finding out where they hide and giving them the occasional poke. xx

thank auntiemogs. i seem to be in one long episode (my first) with other symptoms adding on all the time…but then i don’t know how long episodes last…seeing my (crap) neurologist again in april so maybe he will shed some light for me. have asked to be referred to a neurologist who has been reccomended to me who specialises in ms and actually talks to his patients…i guess i’m just not the most patient of patients! x

I know it seems like a long time to wait, but it will take time for the radiologist to write his report on your MRI. I’m not a patient patient either (rather on the pro-active side, as I’d rather call it) and sometimes it’s worked in my favour when chasing up the neuro’s secretary (albeit gently, don’t want to upse her).

Best of luck tomorrow hun and also with getting your patient friendly neuro!

thank you :slight_smile: x