Diagnosis update

Hi all,

Well, I had my first appt with the MS specialist yesterday. I took my husband and mum with me for support, and to ask questions I forgot!

It went really well, and have been offered interferon betas, starting in the next few weeks. I opted for the autoinjector which I will do three times a week. This suits my lifestyle and the side effects are pretty minimal.

I also discussed my bladder urgency, and he is sending a letter to my GP to start medication for this too.

Advise was given regarding exercise, and swimming, walking, yoga etc are best, due to the fact that I shouldn’t let my body overheat!

I will see the consultant every year, and my MS nurse every six months. I was also given advise on how to spot new relapses, so that’s good to know.

All in all, a very positive appt!


That sounds like a really positive appointment. And you now have a clear plan of what’s to happen and how to get on with the rest of your life!

I hope you get on well with your disease modifying drug and have no unmanageable side effects.

Best of luck. If you need any help or start to worry about anything, you can always ask us. We’ll try to help.