Since my first terrified post on these forums on the 2nd October 2017 with my CIS a lot has happened. Today my neurologist confirmed a new small lesion was present on my scan from 27th December. She confirmed a diagnosis of MS. However it is unclear which type it is right now. I also found our from my gastro doc that I have inflammation and ulcers in my small intestine but she is fairly sure it’s not crohns. However she is unsure what it is at this stage. 4th January my boyfriend as diagnosed with testicular cancer and had surgery to remove both. He is now under gong further treatments to fight it. I don’t quite know how to feel today. Should I be relieved that I know what is wrong? I have a referral to the MS nurse on 2nd February. For the moment everything feels like it’s crashing down and I can’t control anything. I have an appointment again in 3 months with the neurologist to see how things are going. I decided not to begin medication right now because my boyfriend and I would like to look at IVF later this year for a baby. My doctor was really supportive of this idea and if health wise things settle down we will begin trying. I’m worried though how this will effect me. My work. My relationship. My friends. I just don’t know what or how to feel today I’m numb. :frowning:

give yourself time to come to terms with your diagnosis.

no wonder you’re feeling shell shocked with your boyfriend’s cancer treatment.

i think copaxone is compatible with pregnancy but find out for sure.

your work, relationships and friends will respond to what you are giving out.

make sure they know that you value them and they will be there for you.

rest as much as possible, eat well and sleep soundly.

you WILL get through this.

carole xx

Thank you for replying. My doctor actually wants to wait with meds. She would like to monitor my progression and since I am having no symptoms she is happy to see how it goes. In the meantime we are working to get my boyfriend heathly and then plan the next steps I just feel really shell shocked I don’t know if I should cry or be glad I know what it is.

Crumbs - what a time you’re having. I am sorry that life is so very tough at the moment.

Hang on in there, and here’s to better days.