Diagnosed yesterday

Hi all,

Got diagnosed with MS yesterday and although its crap, in a way I am relieved as now I know why I feel like this.

It’s that guy in the street you dont know until he chaps your door and says “Hi, I’m your neighbour”. You know he is there now and is not going anywhere, you just have to make allowances.

It was intimated that the chances of passing it on to my daughter are negligible, which is a huge relief.

The next part is a bit trickier as I work for myself, contracted to a large multi-national, I can make changes but will they? I can still do most of my role for them but think we should forget the going offshore part as I dont think an Oil platform is the best (or most allowable) place to be right now! I have told my superiors due to the nature of my work and await their response.


Sorry you have joined up, Craig.

I hope very much that your clients are human about it and collaborate with you to find work-arounds that suit all parties. It would be nice to have that squared away at a time when a bit of no-fuss stability would probably go down particularly well.


Thanks Alison I hope they are human about it too

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hi craig

welcome to our exclusive club, although i wish you hadn’t joined.

get genned up on the disability discrimination act and what employers should expect to provide and also what you can expect.

take someone with you to meetings if you like. this person can make notes and provide an extra pair of ears.

It’s good that you have been told that your daughter won’t necessarily get MS.

Focus on living your life, all the other sh*t doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

All the best to you

Carole x

Thanks Carole

They are looking at a position that doesn’t involve offshore work so I am hopeful. Will download the DDA later


hi craig

that sounds positive for you.

good luck

carole x