Diagnosed yesterday and offered Campath...

hello everyone,

Well, after 11 months of anxiety, missing scans and letters, misinformation and all the scariness of being stuck with the 'probable ms' label I was finally diagnosed with highly-active relapsing remitting ms. My neuro has suggested I take Campath - is there anyone out there who has taken it?

Also, just to say a huge thank you to all the people who have taken the time over the months to reassure me and support me through this on the forum. Your advice has been amazing and invaluable!

Scary times, huge relief in some way to FINALLY be given a diagnosis, but now it's a whole different ball game!

Thanks again. I'm off to sit in front of my newly-bought fan and cool down! This is me at the moment ->angry. Choochyx


Hi Choochy,

Sorry for your dx, but it is a relief isn’t it? It may be hard to come to terms with, even though you have been expecting it.

You know where we are if you need to moan or lament. Google ‘the 5 stages of grief’. This may strike a chord. Take life day-by-day and don’t over think. Most of all, be kind to yourself,it’s not your fault!

Thinking of you,

Teresa xx

Thank you so much! This forum has been such a huge help, and a special mention to Rizzo who has helped me incredibly over the last week leading up to the diagnosis.

Its definitely a strange relief to be diagnosed, but am guessing everything about MS is strange!

Having a relapse right now too and on steroids for three weeks which isn’t much fun but have cleaned the house from top to bottom with all bthe energy!


Glad you’ve done your spring cleaning. There’s got to be some advantages somewhere along the line!

Teresa xx

hi choochy. glad u sound so upbeat! i was diagnosed 4 weeks ago today actually after  8 months of what the hell is goin on? lol It feels good in a way but since finding out ive been very up and down. Actually i got diagnosed in the middle of a relapse which is rare apparently. Gt optic neuritis...its tough being half blind il tell ya! Had to ave another brain scan a week ago so get results of them tomorrw. nt that it matters ive already decided im not taking the drugs....well not yet anyway.


I guess in a way at least we know whats wrong with us! 



Hi Beccy,

Touch wood, no optic symptoms at all - I think that actually slowed down the diagnosis a little. Well, after the 'euphoria' of finally having an answer, kind of came crashing down this morning. Now reality is setting in. I think I was on a bit of a high Friday and Saturday. Also got a 3 hour written exam in June and what with cog fog and hands not working properly, I'm not really looking forward to that!

So I've got all my study notes out, fan's blasting , cat's chasing a grotty old ball around the floor. Typcial Sunday!


Have you let the exam people know that you have problems and my need help with the exam. I know they do things for people in exceptional circumstances,and it would be a shame if you couldnt perform at your usual level if the MonSter rears its ugly head.

Aint it typical I know what I mean to say but cant word it, hope you get the gist.


yea i was exactly like that.  i was thinkin ahh im dealin with it really well and then BAM has hit me on and off since.


going to get my 2nd brain scan results in half an hour s a bit scared. i know hes gna offer me copaxone but i decided not to start on dmds now.


hope ur ok xx


I haven't let the exam people know yet, not sure why! Luckily, if I don't manage the exam well, there is a form I can fill in to explain extenuating circumstances, so will see how it goes.

Beccy, how did your scan go?

I'm all booked in for Campath in July - not a huge amount of information out there, but some excellent blogs.