Diagnosed FMD Any one heard of this?

Hello! After the two week long stay in hospital and a eeg and mri I have been diagnosed with functional movement disorder. This started off as ms like symptoms in which I went to the doctors and has some blood tests. After about a week after this test I began to have a twitch in my foot, that moved into my leg gradually over an after noon. The next day I was admitted to hospital. Since being discharged my unsteady shaking legs has moved into my body, making it lurch, did and sway violently while walking. I wish I could show you a video it’s really hard to describe bit leaves me exhausted walking with crutches more than a few feet. Also leaving me with a terrible headache as my head is being hooked from side to side. Yesterday my arm began to move and twitch on its own and my hands clamp randomly. A couple of days ago my lip was twitching, which had me terrified it had moved into my face. These still while I’m asleep but warm up add I wake, within ten minutes I’m back to where I was but it definitely gets worse through our the day. Has any one heard of this condition before, I feel so unwell and tired with terrible ringing in my ears all the time. I can’t carry anything, and I can barely walk. I’m trying to get some help, like a shower chair. But I’m not sure what other help I need, the woman on the phone mentioned a stool so I could sit and wash up but my leg constantly kicks when ever I sit so I don’t think it would be much use as I’d be kicking the sink. I’m really scared of how rapidly it’s moving through my body. If any one has this condition here or had heard of it please let me know what to expect and how you’ve dealt with this. I’ve been given diazepam which is Valium and I’m really reluctant to take them as they’re really addicting and I don’t want to be a zombie :frowning: if any one can help I’d really appreciate it! Thank you :slight_smile:

I find this website very interesting and informative. It covers a range of functional neurological problems (and has a section on movement disorders) and explains well what functional neurological disorders are (absolutely a real thing) and what they aren’t (imaginary!) It is also very good on the kind of treatments that might be offered and why they might help.

I found it a real eye-opener and, if I had that kind of dx myself, would find it reassuring, I think.