Diagnosed CIS yesterday, anyone have a similar experience?

Hello everyone! It’s been a roller coaster these last 2 months. I was first told I had a nutrient deficiency, next a viral infection, and lastly CIS (diagnosed yesterday). I’m very curious to see if my experience mirrors anyone else’s - if I should accept the CIS diagnosis or keep searching.

It all started with traveler’s diarrhea when I was traveling in Colombia. It was going on for about a week, nothing too serious, until I was skyping with a friend one night and all of the sudden the right side of my tongue, face, and arm went all tingly and pins and needles. I had a full on anxiety attack and rushed to the hospital to be told that I had a nutrient deficiency and drink Pedialyte (no blood tests, just assumed since I had diarrhea). The next two weeks I had various symptoms of pins and needles (especially in my left arm and hand), muscles felt very tired in my legs and arms, achey back, pressure behind one eye, and anxiety. Sometimes I would get a wave of pins and needles up my neck and left cheek but that would never last long. I saw a few more doctors in Colombia who said my blood tests were normal and I must have a virus. I decided to leave Colombia and fly home after two weeks of this, some good days, some bad ones. Oh and the traveler’s diarrhea, that eventually faded away.

When I came home they tested me for Dengue Fever, Epstein Barr, Zika, Hep A/B and all tests were normal. The last 6 weeks at home have been a mixture of these sensations - wandering muscles aches (sometimes in the tailbone, arms, back, neck, legs) pins and needles in arms and cheeks (but that sensation has slowly disappeared), a light headed anxious feeling (felt overwhelmed very easily), tightness in the chest, fatigue, pressure in one eye, cold feet, stiffness in limbs/neck, tender headaches (sometimes with sensitivity in teeth), throbbing nerve pain in my leg. This all sounds intense when written here but some days were good with little strange sensations and some symptoms would just come in waves and leave.

I went back to the hospital a few days ago with a Vasovagal episode - I woke up with the throbbing nerve pain in my leg and then saw a light burned in my eyes with nausea and ringing in my ears. Then my vision went to black but came back and I was left in cold sweats. Very scary but I guess this is a common occurrence if you read the Vasovagal episode wikipedia page? But anyhoos, I got an MRI and everything came back normal. I saw my doctor the next day who diagnosed me with CIS.

Wow I wrote more than I thought I would, sorry for the rambling. I feel like this illness has been so random, does anyone else have a similar experience?

Shannon (27 years old living in California)

Hi Shannon,

CIS stands for Clinical Isolated Syndrome means you have had one attack. That is all you MAY get your entire life; don’t think I’m being complacent but this does happen a lot; unfortunately only time will tell.

The tightness in the chest could be a mild form of something called ‘The MS Hug’ this does not mean you have MS. The pressure behind one eye sounds like Optic Neuritis see mult-sclerosis.org

There is nothing you can do; sounds horrible but believe me I don’t mean to be. See mult-sclerosis.org which is a doctor’s account of his diagnosis.

Don’t worry darlin; you will be fine.