Dexamethasone V Methylprednisolone


Does anyone know what the difference is between theese steroids? Most MS publications and my nurse tend to talk about using methylprednisolone to treat relapses, but i have just read through a letter from my neuro to my GP saying i should commence on this other steroid dexmethasone 500mg for 5 days.

Just wondered if there is a difference, what is it? Should i be asking for the methylprednisolone instead? confused again!

Thanks in advance

Laura x

It appears he has got the dosage with the drug mixed or vica versa if that makes sense?!

But can anyone explain if there is a difference between them? Really don’t want to take them at all but if i have to would rather take the most effective!

have a read of this and then talk to your doctor.

Hi Thanks for the link, honestly none the wiser though!

My doctor is about as useless as me, he wont do anything without neuro or nurses say so.

I will speak to my nurse and ask her to help sort it out…(sigh!)

im not a doctor but my interpretation of this is dexamethasone is much stronger and so you need less of it

however, i have had plenty of steroids and a few different neuros and have always had methylprednisone

never even heard of dexamethasone beofre today

so raise that with your doctor maybe

I have no direct knowledge, but consulting sources on the internet (just like the previous poster!) it appears the main difference is that dexamethasone is very much more potent.

I’ve got to be honest, and say that I wouldn’t have spotted this one, and would have assumed that if it’s prescribed by my neuro, it must be OK, as he’s prescribing MS stuff all the time…

In view of the comparative potency, it does seem a very high dose of this atypical prescription, though.

Maybe query with the GP, or with the pharmacist, if you don’t want to risk antagonising the neuro directly, by appearing to question his judgement. It may be correct, but I certainly wouldn’t just take them without querying, now that you have raised the doubt.

It may even be that the secretary has a standard template for letters of this type, and she has substituted in the drug name (it may be that there’s a reason he wants you to have this one), but not edited the default dosage? If so, it should have been spotted, but I think a lot of them go out without being checked by the neuro ,these days, to save time. Some of them even say as much, in a rider at the bottom.



Trouble is i have not got them yet - have to go and ask GP for them and if he does not have a definitive dosage guide i know i will leave empty handed! Yes from what i have read 500mg of dexa. seems WAY too much!

Going to contact my nurse and neuros secretary see what they suggest. Nothing is ever straight-forward is it!

Thanks for your help guys.

I would say that one should always ask as many questions as one sees fit with a doctor and if this antagonises him, then find another doctor.

The prescription of highly potent medicines is not something to be shy about. I think you rightly raised this point on the forum and should raise it loudly with your physician until you are satisifed that you are getting the best care.

I think many on this forum would agree that there are those who might have been diagnosed years too late had they not loudly questioned a physician’s view.

Good luck Laura and don’t worry, either they will explain the difference or applaud you for spotting a mistake, you can’t lose.