Detox and MS

Hi again.

Been away on holidays:). Went to budapest bucharest veliko turnovo and istanbul, was amazing.

Never felt better on this holiday, no stress, no symptoms, no fatigue whatsoever. Was quite heavily watered along the way if you catch my drift.

Now… back in sunny glasgow gettin my health on, goin running and eating well, all the things ive been neglecting for weeks and now im startin to feel the cloudy head thing creeping back in and my left foot has slightly less feeling in it.

Has anybody ever experienced this when goin through a period of detox?

Seems strange that the healthier i live the more symptoms i incurr?

coincidence?come down?

explanations? theories? comments welcome

forgot to add that ive been smoking heavily the past month and ive started to quit… thats been nearly 3 days with out a smoke.

Think theres any connection?