Designer Dogs (not MS)

Ever wondered what type of dog to own. A few tongue in cheek suggestions.

Newfoundland x Basset = Newfound Asset Hound - the dog for financial advisors

Malamute x Pointer = Moot Point - favourite of lawyers.

Labrador x Curlycoat Retriever = Labcoat Retriever - choice of scientists

Collie x Malamute = Commute - a dog that travels to work

Terrier x bulldog = Terribull - a dog that makes awful mistakes

Bloodhound x Labrador = Blabador - a dog that barks all the time.

and finally do not read the last one if you are under 18

Cocker Spaniel x Rottweiller = -??? the perfect pup for that cheating ex-husband

Dinks, l have a friend who runs a pheasant shoot - and he has a Jackdor - yes JRTxLab - Lab body and little terrier legs. A friends 8yr old daughter takes him ‘beating’ - all right on a lead - but has been known to bite the legs of the men when off the lead.

Tickles me how these designer dogs - who technically are mongrels- fetch such a high price. Poodles, that went out of fashion have now a resurgence - being crossed with all breeds in the hope of producing a non-casting coat. Good for all the dog groomers as they need clipping so often.

Spacejacket - don’t get me started. I judge and compete with my dogs and put much time and trouble into DNA testing, health testing, studying pedigrees, learning from those in my chosen breeds who have been around longer than I have. The prices I charge for my puppies are a fraction of the “designer” prices. Of course some of these are lovingly reared but Mr and Mrs J Public seem to think that the designer ones do not have health problems and of course if a moulting breed is crossed with a non moulting breed they believe the offspring will all be non moulting. Oh dear if only genetics were that simple…