deserve a medal me thinks

I have finally completed my capability to work questionnaire. As it has taken nearly 4 weeks to do I am beginning to question me having any capabilities for anything.

What the hell has become of me…I was managing a care home and numerous staff this time last year.

Now Im wondering how to get the blasted thing to post box

hey ho Pip

Hello Pip, oh I know exactly how you feel!

In my former life, I ran 2 Tourist Information Centres and several Weight Watcher classes…i must`ve been Superwoman.

Now, I spend all day in a wheelchair, depend on others for practically everything and wonder where I went!

Still, my slogan is;

I may be broken, but Im still here`.

You can borrow it, if you like, as can anyone else!

Keep fighting Pip, yeh?

luv Pollx

Well done you - just for managing to fill it in Pip!!!

I’ve gone I hate anything like that and will put them off forever and ever if I could!!

I’ve had one of those Payment Protection claim packs for about 2 months just sitting there bothering me - the other night I made the decision to take the bull by the proverbial horn and fill them in - only to find they were aready filled in from the info I had given over the phone and only required my signature & date!!! xxxjenxxx

Thanks both mind you should we change you to Dizzydane!!

Waa haa! Certainly not Bizzydane these days!!! xxxx