Description of Multiple Sclerosis...

This morning while I was in the shower, I had a thought about how to describe multiple sclerosis. I am asked by people that I know (and people that I don't know) - "what's MS like?". This happened when I had to shut my eyes (to stop soap getting in) and I (wrongly switched the tap to cold instead of hot) - I suddenly thought 'this is just like MS?'. I used to work in the motor trade and I suddenly thought that if you were driving and you pushed the wrong pedal so instead of using the brake pedal, you used the clutch or another pedal - your 'driving' would be affected - I have driven all my life (I'm 56) and I have had MS for 13+ years - Multiple Scerosis is like all your controls have been affected and some times you think of doing 'one thing' but when you intend to do 'a movement' suddenly you make the 'wrong move'. (That's maybe a poor description - but when I was doing it, it seemed 'real'.) Multiple Scerosis is as far as I know - scarring (or interruption) of the human body's ability to move? Hope Andy Murray get's all his moves right for tomorrow (I remember when I could play tennis - at least I could get the 'shot's' right (most of the time)) but as a fellow Scot - I could never play as well as that - even without MS! - Go Andy, Go!


i have described it as being like your body is taken over for a few minutes. the legs i am standing on are not mine.

its like being stuck in a sci-fi film.

carole x

I read you used to be in the motor trade, me too, I was diagnosed 2006 ( I'm 61) I know two other guys in the trade with MS always wondered if there's a connection , how about you.