Hi All

Yesterday I went for a routine blood tested (because of being on Rebif) and whilst there the nurse announced that a warning had flashed up on my records that I was to me monitored for early signs of dementia.

Needless to say I was a bit taken aback, I am only 32 and don’t plan on loosing my marbles just yet!

I did ask the nurse this was something new as it had never been mentioned before and she just said I must be in a high(er) risk category due to MS (to be honest she didn’t sound sure) and that I would have to ask my MS nurse.

I’m not sure if she meant I was more at risk of developing Alzheimer’s or similar (sorry I’m not very up on dementia) or whether they are just keeping an eye out for milder cognitive difficulties.

Has anyone else been told this?



If MS put you more at risk of dementia, there’d be 100,000 UK people (…or more) that should have been warned of this possibility.

I don’t think this is the case (…certainly not in my instance and I’ve had MS for over 15 years now) and the mention of dementia may be based on your own medical history, family history, or a plain old c*ck-up.

I’d want this clarified if it was me !!!



First possibility to exclude is clerical finger trouble in the surgery back office, I would suggest. Typos have a lot to answer for, as anyone who has put ‘not’ in a formal agreement instead of ‘now’ knows only too well!


I did think it seemed a bit odd.

I am the worlds worst for typos as I get distracted half way through typing and end up missing words or change my mind half way through a sentence and forget to change odd words. It’s a bit worrying when it happens in what should be a more formal situation.

I have been in the doctors when they had the wrong records up and nearly gave me someone else’s test results (tests that I hadn’t even had done!)

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