Dementia Screening

Hi all,

Very random question!

I’ve noticed before Today but I’ve been into my GP to get a blood test this Morning and when she’s in my notes in the bottom right hand corner always pops up a red box with notes in.

It says about flu jab (I cancelled my flu jab appointment) medication review (currently doing this) and dementia screening.

what does dementia screening mean? I know the nurse would be the best person to ask but I’m always scared what she’s going to say. I’m only 22, is this something GP’s will check for automatically if you have MS or?

Its just because all the other notes on there are relevant I’m a bit worried about why it’s there!


You don’t need dementia screening. They must just have it on everyone’s notes regardless of health issues. Just as they probably have a box to see if the person should be invited to have a flu jab. And medication review is on everyone’s notes. They like to review what medications everyone takes every so often, so they’d tick a box when they’ve checked through what your taking, made sure everything goes together and that you’re not taking too much of any one drug.

Many people with MS do have cognitive issues, but this is different to dementia. If you find later on that you’re having trouble with short term memory, processing information, multi tasking, concentration, etc, you can ask for neuro-psychological testing. But this is probably a long way off into your future, if ever.


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i was once asked by the practice nurse to have a dementia screening.

i did very well, i thought.

i had to remember the name and address of a fictional man which the nurse told me at the beginning of the appointment.

then at the end i was asked to tell her the name and address.

i said road instead of street, so was marked down!

so they can stuff it if they want me to do another one.

carole x

Dear All, I also failed the memory test. Didn’t remember the man’s name or address and forgot how to draw a clock?! No follow up with this though and both neurologist’s doubt my cognitive issues are to do with MS? I am so busy though with MS stuff that I have forgotten about the memory stuff…no pun intended! Kindest thoughts Ali