Anybody had this ? When I move my head to look at anything seems to be , what I can only describe a slight delay before my eyes/ brain catch up Any ideas ? Thanks Gray

Yep, I get that and I’m only guessing here but my neuro said the largest lesion I had interrupted left/right side of the brain communications and that’s why I had difficulties with co-ordination.

Where I’m sat at work, I’m about 3 or 4 paces from a printer that’s kind of behind me and off to one side - I’ve developed a habit of looking over to it (blink as I turn my head), then swivelling the chair to physically face it so I keep my head pretty still. If I just faced forward and swivelled round then I’d stand and probably stumble or do that jolty step thing (i.e. look a bit drunk).

So not a scientific or exact answer but yes, I need to focus on one thing at a time, if I turn too quickly then everything takes a moment to adjust. Walking down stairs with 90 degree turns are a killer for me, I have to look at my feet so I don’t really have to see the turns.

Might be worth asking your neuro for some advice on it?

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia So this have been left with you permanently ? Thanks Gray x

…and you want to continue riding a motorbike, Gray?

As an ex-biker myself, I know that everything has to be 100% before you can take your life into your own hands in this way.

And, whenever I drive my car, the number of unskilled, thoughtless or purely unable road-users scares the daylights out of me!! (It’s not just you, it’s the others!) As if the odds against bikers weren’t high enough already

Do please be careful, Gray.


Hi Gray,

Yep, I get this ‘delay’ as well - only slight but enough to affect things.

Didn’t you post previously intimating that you wanted to keep riding motorbikes?

From what I see whenever I drive my car, there’s enough loonies on the road to make biking extra-dangerous, without any physical or mental ‘complications’.

As the streets now seem to be full of the “blissfully unaware of their surroundings”, please don’t give 'em any added chance to cause grief, and take really good care whatever you decide to do!!


Yea Dom Love me bike but noticed the delay when last on it didn’t feel 100% comfortable , just gonna see if it passes as this flare seems to be passing Will leave the bike for a while , but in these early days trying to hold on to everything I can So bloody fed up with this MS already , don’t see how I will deal with it long term Thanks Gray

For me it looks like perm as the neuro thinks PPMS is highly likely…

The steroids did help a little but didn’t make any of my symtoms disappear (I seem to one the few that had a really quick diagnosis). In hindsight my symptoms probably did start over 12 months ago, I just really had no idea and because I had a challenging exercise regime, I blamed a lot on old injury!

It’s a real pain so I hope you get shot of it quickly

Sonia x

It’s called nystagmus .

That may not be spellled right but google it.


Thanks for your replys Gray

Yep, I had bad labrybthitis about 18 months ago and still occasionally have a wobble. I also get disorientated when I stand on an escalator or when in a stationary vehicle and another vehicle beside us moves off. I’m undiagnosed though going through investigations.

This is what I called my neuros secretary about yesterday. This is causing me five second delay on focusing on anything. They told me in hospital that my optic nerve was inflamed. This happens even when I blink.

Not good is it , I feel for you mine is nowhere near 5 seconds , less than half a second , I had 12 weeks of double vision and my MRI showed inflammation on part of the brain that controls eyes still have a small amount of double vision far left , had full eye test and field of vision test and passed with 20/20 vision so hoping as this flare is going will improve more Good luck

Forgot to say doesn’t seem so bad when I wear dark glasses, just look pretty stupid in the supermarket or when it’s cloudy and raining lol