Decision on medical cannabis within weeks

A decision within weeks, that looks like some positive news. I gather that they are talking about removing it from Schedule 1 - no medical use, to Schedule 2 - alongside opium. At last, they will be able to carry out testing on the plant.

This link: also gives a list of medical conditions that are recognised already…

Prof Dame Sally Davies said there was conclusive evidence of therapeutic benefit of prescribing cannabis-based products for certain medical conditions.

That list includes treating:

  • chronic pain
  • nausea and vomiting caused as a side-effect of cancer therapies such as chemo
  • muscle spasticity symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients

Let’s see what the next three weeks will bring.

My question is - will we be able to get a prescription, as they do in the Netherlands, and apply for medicine from until such times as there is a UK provider?

Interesting times ahead.

A step forward hopefully.

I’m keeping fingers X’d, but there might end up being some pathetic attempt to legalise it ‘for medical use’, but only in extremely low concentrations and requiring neurologist and GP approval. And even then it could well be down to the individual CCG as to whether they’ll fund it in all cases. It could end up being like my CCG and FES - people with MS can have it ‘only in exceptional cases’. And as MS is different for everyone, every case is exceptional, therefore nobody is exceptional. So it’s the equivalent of a blanket ban.


All we can do, personally, is keep our fingers crossed. It’s a positive thing that we can now publicly discuss its use, as adults, because that wasn’t the case not so long ago. Small steps in the right direction, with public backing for its use as medication, is a start. They do make lovely flowers for the garden! Take care.

CBD oil is helping me a little.

i vape it and puffing on it for a few minutes calms my nerve pain down.

no miracle cure but it helps more than the neuropathic painkillers and without the horrible bloating from gabapentin.

occasionally a helpful acquaintance calls round with a bit of the real thing.

however my wonky hands are unable to roll a spliff.

not good at making cakes either.

so i’m vaping.

and i’m fully within the law!

(that’s a change of direction for me)

my ex is using CBD and its helping his skin issues, he said i should look into it for my MS. Carole see you use it, what strength do u use, don’t want to vape so I wondered about having a few drops under tongue. Used to smoke in my earlier years wonder if that’s why i didn’t get symptoms until later on in life when I gave it up. maybe i should take it back up, don’t have a job where im tested so hey its a thought.

i sent for another oil which is sub-lingual.

the white edition from CBD Brothers.

CBD oil is completely legal, they remove all the highs.

(can’t have us having fun eh?)