Dealing with call centres

I was pleasantly surprised that the phone calls I made to the three corporate bodies all went as I wanted rather than as I expected! (Phoenix Life, Teachers’ Assurance and Orange.) Have they had training? I’m actually feeling confident with the rest of the calls I need to make!

Funny you should say that. I recently called Talktalk to downgrade my package… thought they would really pressure me to keep the more expensive package… but not so. Nice as pie. Pleasant surprise!

Pat x

All we need to do now is find a real time translation device to decipher the accents-especially the Glaswegian!

A recent survey showed the accent people most like when they call a call centre in Geordie.

I must admit I like the Geordie accent myself… but isn’t it interesting that they actually do surveys so that call centres can employ people with the ‘most liked’ accent.

The poor people from Birmingham get a lot of stick for their accent… but they say that Shakespeare would have spoken with a Brummy accent & some theatre companies are now doing the plays in Brummy accents…and very good they sound too.

Also (as you can see… I’m a bit of a nerd on this subject) in the 60’s they said that by the end of the 20th century most regional accents would have died out. How wrong they were!!!

Nobody would dream of going to elocution classes now to lose their regional accent… but that was quite common in the 60’s.

Cor blimey… I’m gonna make meself a cuppa Rosie Lee… I’m righ’ cream crackered after tha’…

Ta ta darlin’s…

Pat x

Have you noticed that there are a proliferation of Mancunian accents on the BBC now that they have moved their HQ up there? Teresa xx

Aaahhh (sound of penny dropping)… yes I had noticed but hadn’t realised why!

Pat x