Hey all,

I know alot of you talk about the heat making your symptoms worse and all that but i have a question…

I am currently in limbo and see my neuro for results of 2nd mri etc on monday (currently crapping myself lol) nad i have noticed since this heatwave started that i am going deafer!!

I was deaf totally for 3 days at the begining of my syptoms nearly 18 months ago…i was left with ringing in both ears on and off and partially deaf in my right ear. But when i go in the sun or generally get even slightly warm i go deaf!

I lasts for about 15-30mins and then goes back to my normal half deaf. Its really annoying and although it doesnt last long its bugging me. Is this normal heat aggrivation or should i be worried i am going to go deaf totally again.

Obviously i need to hear in my job and at home!


LEa xx

Oh my tremor also has gotten worse in this weather. I am on 600mg gabepentin for last 8 months, this has helped my pain, tremor and twitching quite a bit but it all increases (in the heat i think)? Is this really normal and should forget about it and not worry?

I am trying but its really annoying and my work requires a very steady hand which is not happening this last 2 weeks!!!

Lea xx

Hi Lea,

I’m deaf, have been for years but 18 months ago had Labrynthitis and the tinnitus I had for years has worsened considerably. I’ve noticed that the hot weather makes me feel awful this year and the tinnitus is worse. I’ve also developed a new symptom in the past few days, a tremor in my jaw, I feel like my teeth are chattering when I relax my jaw but my partner assures me he can’t see it but can feel it slightly. I’m not diagnosed but being checked out for MS.

I hope that helps hun :slight_smile: