Dead left foot or was it?

For the last 2 weeks I have had clicking above my right ear, omg it nearly drove me nuts. Then SILENCE on Friday, I thought crikey its gone quiet around here lol. 

Then Friday evening I felt a bit rougher then usual, and had a bad night in real bad pain in my legs and feet especially as my left foot.  I had to go and visit my mum saturday which I had been looking forward to.

When I got up I didnt feel too bad, usual buzzing, tingling, and fizzing but nothing abnormal going on for me anyway. So I got up, had a shower and got dressed, and went downstairs.

By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, my left leg felt weird, sort of buzzing more than normal, and the pins and needles in my left foot was slowly changing to more of a SQUISHY feeling. Like when you have really bad pins and needles and it is slowly coming awake if that makes any sense.

By the time my personal assistant had arrived it was worse and I was struggling to walk. I couldnt hardly lift my left foot up off the ground, never had it that bad before.

It took me AGES to walk with aid to the car, because my left leg and foot well it wouldnt lift and seemed to be dragging downwards as I could hardly feel it, but I could feel it omg that makes no sense, but it was deadish, but I could feel myself put my foot down.

I got to my mums house, and it took me ages to walk to her front door, with the aid of my PA and my brother in law, it was a nightmare.

It freaked my poor mum out. Anyway I sat down had a chat, cup of coffee, then needed the loo, well her stairs are a nightmare and it was horrible trying to get up them, with my PA pushing me from behind because for some weird reason I could not seem to bend my foot properly.....

Finally went home and was so fatiqued i had to go to bed. i had a bad night kept waking up in the WORSE pain ever, as though my left leg and foot had woken up and told me well you have had the no pain, now your getting the pain. I had to take diazepam to settle down. The next morning it was a little easier in my leg, but my back was really aching for England.

I feel rotten today as well and have struggled to walk and my legs are just prickling and fizzing and tingling.

Has anyone else had this weird thing with their foot? 

My PA said she thougth i should have gone to A&e BUT i thought no way. I think she thought i had a stroke or something lol, BUT i HAVE had this before many times, but never this bad. 

Now I am weak and fed up. Stupid foot.




I'm sorry, I can't remember your circumstances.

If you're not diagnosed yet, it sounds like you might be having what's commonly referred to as a relapse.  This is any new symptoms, or worsening of existing symptoms, that persist at least 24 hours, and have no other explanation (e.g. that you've had another illness).

Have you spoken to your GP about it?



Yes, I had this a few weeks ago.  Woke with awful pain down my left leg - could barely walk. As I tried to get to the bathroom, I stumbled, which made me realise my lower calf, ankle, foot & toes were numb (although I could feel the bottom of my foot on the ground).

My ankle was also very weak, & my foot going over sideways because of that.  I had to hold a friends arm just to get over the road.

On the advice of a physio friend, I did go to A&E, but after examination they said it was a progression of my Neurological condition. (I'm not diagnosed yet, so don't know for sure what my 'condition' is!).

My numbness and weakness has remained since then (6 weeks ago now) & I'm having to use my stick to go anywhere as I can't walk far.  I have to mention it to my Neuro when I next see him.

Sorry, not much help re advice - but just wanted to say that I know what you mean & empathise with how you feel.

Do hope you can get plenty of rest to help everything calm down.  Take good care.

Bren x



Not something I've had. Also not a lot of fun letdown


I hope it gets better soon!


Karen x