Day out and my world breaks down

All I did was go out and have a bacon sarnie sitting in the sunshine and today I feel awful

I am pi##ed off

Suns shining outside but I feel blue


Hi guys, Did anyone ever find out what the ‘mini earthquakes’ were that the brain was feeling? I am having loads every day and it started approx 4 month back and my doctor cannot figure it out, I have been referred to a GP specialist but if you guys got diagnosed maybe this will help my GP? Thanks!

don i feel your pain! it’s hardly the height of hedonism so very unfair for you to be punished like this. i did my fair share of hedonism before ms got me. should have practised running away!!


i have no idea what the answer to your question is.

however you will be more likely to get replies if you start a new post.

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