Day off

A day off work prompted me to go into Camberley town to get some Christmas shopping done. I met two friends after an hour or two of hard shopping, so off we went to the pub for lunch. They said how well I looked…em, what do they know that I don’t know they know?

After lunch I remembered I wanted to get something from a fine glassware shop, so off I went into House of Fraser, top floor, aisles close together, lots of people milling about, gazillions of pounds worth of fine glassware. Suddenly my left leg wanted early retirement and would not do what my brain was telling it to. So there I was, shuffling about in a place where if I fell over it would be chaotic, and after two or three pints of strong cider(ok, it was definitely 3). My walking stick would have been handy, but it was at home.

I’m back home, the glassware is still in the shop, and one or two people got their feet trod on.

Try again tomorrow!


When in shops, I feel as if I have a sort of gravitational attraction to glassware, or anything that might break if I fell into it.

Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s almost as if noticing it there, and realising it might break, puts a jinx on things, and increases the odds of falling in that direction.



It’s ok V, don’t worry. I never take my violin shopping.

I hate when that happens.

Glad you are ok, **** the glassware!

Now for next time, take the stick…not violin, stick :wink: