date for bladder party!

Hi friends!
I have a date for my bladder blast and botox…10th December…pretty quick from first phone chat with urologist. Just a few weeks. As it’s 10 years since my first SPC, he said I could have a build up of sediment and perhaps stones!

Had half my pre-op assessment by phone yesterday. I was asked a million questions and said no to the vast majority and said to the nurse how well I looked on paper…except I can’t walk and am doubly incontinent! She laughed.

So I go on 3rd to see the anesthetist and he will decide on what type to use ie local, or GA or epidural…I’d prefer to be put right out! There may be an overnight stay due to me having mild/moderate sleep apnea. I’m ok with that.

I wet my bed again on Tuesday and didnt get hoisted quickly enough for a bowel movement too…oh I’m so lady like aren’t I?

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Glad you are getting things sorted.


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