Daring a girl with MS

Hi all, I’ve started dating a girl with MS and am just here looking for information. I know very little about it so thought this would be a good place to start. I really like her but it does scare me a bit. I’m not running away but some knowledge would be good. She’s 37 and in all honesty lives a completely normal life as far as I can tell. The only symptoms she complains about are a numbness in her finger tips and fatigue at the moment which have, unfortunately, affected her career somewhat. I know MS is a progressive condition but I’m really not sure on the pace of the progression or if there’s a chance it won’t progress at all. Anyway, any experiences and advice is very much appreciated so I thought I’d introduce myself here.

hi gi, you sound a very caring person and dont want to upset your lady…lovely!

Everyone’s MS journey if different, but somethings remain in most cases ie feeling lost, guilty, concern about the future…work and relationships.

The MS Society have a good list of literature freely available. Have a look and see if any are helpful. I found them very useful in my early days.

Just be yourself and let the girl take the lead. Best wishes