Dad diagnosed two years ago aged 63...Help with applying for benefits if any???

Hello my Dad was diagnosed two years ago aged 63, and has only recently retired from the building trade after 50 odd years!!

He has never claimed any kind of benifit in his life and would not know where to begin. Infact we dont even know if he is intitled to anything, or if it is too late now as over the age of 65 and claiming his pension.

I would really appreciate any advice on this matter as to where he stands., and exactly who we would contact for help with the situation.

Thank you Fiona

I’m sure someone else will be along soon to put me right if what i say is wrong.

Do you know whether he’s getting any housing/council tax benefit? If not it’s your local council who will issue you with the forms for that. Rule of thumb is apply whether you think you can get it or not,after all whats the worst they can say.

If he is over 65 you cant start a new claim for disability living alowance (it’s changed to pip now but it doesn’t matter to you guy’s now so i’m not going there) It’s attendance allowance. Check out this link

It tells you who, what where’s, it’s a good web site for all things finance for the more mature person shall we say :slight_smile:

Hope this is a small help at least

Jo xxx

hello apply for blue badge,at the council offices,my huband as just found out his exempt for paying for persciptions,ask your doctor,thinking of you xxxchristine

Your local council may have some drop in sessions to help with benefits if you have not already got this sorted, CAB also can help here. Yvette x


Im not sure if Universal Credit is now fully implemented - but under Disability Living Allowance (or your dads case he’s close to Attendance Allowance age instead) they would assess on his ability to care for himself and mobility in day to day living - ie can he cook for himself or does he need help with lifting pans etc etc, and can he walk to the shops a certain distance. This is then awarded as Lower Middle or Higher allowance, which then feeds into Carers Allowance if he has a carer. But like I say I think PIP/UC is being implemented and I dont know much about these benefits. If you phone the Governments helpline (search DLA) they will send you an application form etc.