DACLIZUMAB Trial Drug - Side Effects

Hi Everyone,


I am just wondering if anyone has been on the trial for Daclizumab.  I have been on it but was taken off it because of a suspected side effect. I developed a rash, it started quick mild  as a small patch on my leg the first month, the second month  I had a rash on my arms, which cleared promptly.  A few months later I then started with a rash on my legs, which spread to my hips and arms.  It was very itchy and keep my from sleeping.  I do seem to recall that others on the trial at my hospital had similar adverse effects.  Or maybe this was a link with Candida?

Strangely now when now searching the internet, I cannot see this side effect reported now that the first two stages have been completed and have significant results. 


Wondered if anyone could share their experiences.