I saw (maybe) my new Dr. on Friday, my old one retired. He was really nice except sending me for blood test had one two weeks ago but he told me that he wanted a general one to check me out. He checked my heart, pulse, eyes, ears and maybe gums as I had to show my teeth unless he thought I was a horse Non of the other Drs. I’ve seen did all that and then I asked about my unsteadyness so asked me some questions and said I’ll try you on cyclizine. I haven’t had one yet because I have had a bad track record last few years with meds so if anyones had them please let me know how you went on.

Hope you are all as good as you can be.

Love Yvonne xx

Hi Does this mean only me?

Yvonne xx

Sorry Yvonne, Ive not heard of it before. Wonder if its a new drug, or only infrequently prescribed?

Youll have to keep us informed if it works and how you were whilst taking it.

take care,