Cycle Routes?

Hello All :slight_smile:

I was hoping that maybe someone might be able to help me with this please. I have bought some extra wheels to stabilise my bike, in the hope that I might still be able to maintain going cycling when I feel able to do it.

However, even though the ‘stabilisers’ seem to do their job and help me with the ‘balance/co-ordination’ issues that I suffer with. I am now left with a new problem which is I can not find many suitable ‘cycle routes’ around my area.

So does anyone know of any tidy roads with tidy flat pavements or actual cycle route paths within the Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales area please?

I’m asking here as I have MS too and sometimes use a mobility scooter too. So I know that there maybe some of you on here that might know of flat routes that might be possible to use.

Thank you in advance and Merry xmas to all of you guys

Anna x

Hi Anna, i was a keen cyclist and i found the Sustrans online mapping tool very useful

Sadly, i can no longer ride my bicycle but i hope you can find somewhere to enjoy yours :slight_smile:


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