Cuts to employment and support allowance 'considered'

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‘New claimants, judged to be capable of work with appropriate support, could be given just 50p more per week than people on job seekers allowance’.

How long before the Terrors cut ESA full stop and where are other parties with this.

Wendy x

Hi Corkie,

Who ever gets in, it will all be the same.

A bit like “Yes Prime Minister” its the civil servants who make the proposals/ideas and then the ministers take the credit.

Nothing changes apart from the figure head/fall guy.

This programme opened my eyes to Politics !!!


You are right which is why I’ve asked Campaigns team to lobby Labour, after all it was they who appointed Atos in the first place. How different will they be to the coalition???

What we need is Revolution, (in the sense that Russell Brand advocates), it’s spiritual revolution that’s needed, some of that love thy neighbour, not kick him in the butt which is what we seem to have come to these days of individualism/materialism.

Wendy x

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you are so right, and PS I love what your saying

something needs done, let’s start the revolution ! How right you are, they sit in parliament asleep half the time yet people on ESA are not important

They are going to put all the disabled in homes away from the general public next

Polly xxx

Hi Polly, there wont be any homes to shove us into, as they are closing so many.

luv Pollyx

Hi Wendy, I dont mean to sound selfish, but I am weirdly glad to be getting my state pension in March and can forget about ESA…but then there will be PIP to worry about.

I do very much empathise with new ESA claimants and those who have to re-apply.

I never imagined a time when I would be glad to be getting older!

luv Pollx

Quite understand Poll xxx