when i watched the olympics closing ceremony, i fell in love with the funky mopeds and asked hubby if i could have one for my fortieth (few years time yet!) he agreed but now it looks like it may end up being a mobility scooter :stuck_out_tongue: would it be wrong to put extra ,mirrors on it, union jacks and a furry tail (faux furry)??? :slight_smile:

Not in the slightest Vicky.As you seem to like the speed,I’ll let just you into a little secret…The Shoprider Cadiz has a top speed of 10MPH.Obviously I’ve never exceeded 8MPH,just like no motorist ever exceeds 70MPH.


ha! :slight_smile: is 8mph the limit? still don’t think it would register on a speed camera :slight_smile: x

“And that your honour is the case for the defence”

that and my jumbled brain…numbers can be ever so confusing, 4,8,10…53??? x

Oh,just remembered about the 24volt truck horn that I’ve fitted.If ever a car does beep me for no good reason…they lose.


i want a dukes of hazzard horn :slight_smile: x

There’s no reason why not…They’re only a little bit illegal,'cos the bloke who wired the horn in wouldn’t do the one I wanted.I could swap it over but I can’t be bottomed


Thanks for that link Pat…Awesome. I’ll be buying a scratchcard later and crossing everything which should uncross.

Wb x <(L)>

thanks pat :slight_smile: i’m liking the look of quite a few of those…takes the edge of the worry of what if… xxx